Japanese researchers on Friday unveiled a population clock that showed the nations people could theoretically become extinct in 1,000 years because of declining birth rates.日本研究人员上周五公布了一个人口倒计时钟,该时钟表明,由于出生率持续上升,理论上日本人将于1000年后绝种。

vivo胡柏山:暂不计划自研芯片,3年内5G网络约4G水平9月23日,vivo继续执行副总裁胡柏山在vivo刚落成的东莞新的园区与媒体进行对话,理解NEX 3支撑的vivo在渠道、品牌上的意图,以及vivo在5G、IoT和芯片等方面的布局。

What does it take to bring AI to the masses? A large number of everyday gadgets in which to embed the technology certainly helps. 要将人工智能(AI)推上大众,应当怎样做到?

5.First Live Music Stream5.第一个现场音乐流A major difference between the advent of the World Wide Web and other mediums like the radio and television is that the Web didnt rely on live feeds of sound or video. Instead, the Web was essentially an update of the printing press. At first it was just text, and as technology became more sophisticated the possibility for live video arose in 1993. So what music superstar of 1993 played the first online concert? Bjork? Counting Crows? Celine Dion?万维网的来临和其他媒体如收音机、电视机仅次于的有所不同是,网站并不依赖声音或者视频的现场直播。

BEIJING —Fresh from school with a degree in hotel management, Luo Haichao left his hometown and moved to Beijing to look for a bigger paycheck. 北京——从学校毕业旋即,获得了酒店管理学位的雒海超离开了家乡,来北京找寻更高的工资。